Alfama: by buggy or Ape Calessino

Alfama: by buggy or Ape Calessino

Bairro Alfama, the most popular and colourful district of Lisbon, deserves an unusual tour in an equally unusual vehicle.

The best way to tour Lisbon and Bairro Alfama is in a rented vehicle. The most enjoyable options are the magnificent red ‘buggy' (a lightweight electric all-terrain vehicle) and the fabulously retro Ape Calessino motorised tricycle.

The buggy is ideal for a family of four you can roam the city without any problem, and even take on the steepest roads. While you're up there, admire the Alfama in all its splendour and understand why it is considered the most authentic area of Lisbon: narrow cobbled streets, bright facades, laundry hanging from the windows, grannies humming fado.

And finally, for those who love to circulate everywhere, absolutely everywhere, there is the Segway solution: 100% ecological and 100% fun.