Aleria, 8,000 years of history

Aleria, 8,000 years of history

Situated on a plateau and discovered in 1840 by Prosper Mérimée, the archaeological site of Aleria dominates the eastern plain of Corsica.

During the 20th century, excavations have helped reveal the forum and the Roman city.

In the early '60s, on the southern slopes of the ancient site, more than 200 tombs were discovered in the pre-Roman necropolis. The remains and the finds have been restored and preserved in the Jerome Carcopino Archaeological Museum of Aleria.

These collections, tracing 15 centuries of history, from the 10th century BC to the 5th century AD, have added value to the knowledge of the origins of ancient Corsica and the pre-historic civilisations of the Mediterranean basin.

After admiring the five hectares of this historical monument, take time to explore the museum's rooms, containing objects related to daily life, religion, and funeral rites, which are also open to the public.

Musée d'Archéologie d'Aléria
Fort de Matra
20270 Aléria

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