Ahoy, matey!

beach restaurant
Ahoy, matey!

La Rhumerie du Pirate is an institution in Saint-François. Its Creole dishes, rums, and amusing decor seduce Guadeloupians as much as tourists.

Pull out your telescope and plot your course for Pointe des Chateaux and this colourful restaurant with its Pirates of the Caribbean atmosphere, hosted by Miguel, who may have an air of pirate about him, but certainly won't make you walk the plank! This large wooden Creole hut has a beach-wrecked charm, as though it had somehow washed up here on its own. Inside or outside? Optionally, give preference to the huge terrace with panoramic sea views of Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, and Petite-Terre, whose lighthouse is sometimes visible on a clear day. You thus enjoy a refreshing sea breeze when it's time to sit down to dinner.

The menu features delicious Caribbean cuisine and traditional dishes prepared by Miguel: tuna steak, chatrou (octopus), or crayfish fricassee, conch, true lobster, and slipper lobster. All the local specialties are honoured, with six Creole menus to choose from, all at reasonable prices. For dessert, the coconut flan is a great success, while the sweet potato crème brûlée is exceptional and the tiramisu with old rum, sensational. If you appreciate Caribbean rum, the Rhumerie du Pirate offers more than 40 varieties. For a table facing the sea, remember to book in advance.

La Rhumerie du Pirate
Route de la Pointe des Châteaux
97118 Saint-François

+590 (0)5 90 83 25 94


Menu: around 28 EUR