Ahmed Shawki Museum: home of the prince of poets

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Ahmed Shawki Museum: home of the prince of poets

A walk in the artistic and worldly atmosphere of Cairo of the early 20th century.

Nicknamed ‘the prince of poets', poet and playwright Ahmed Shawki is considered the inventor of modern Arabic literature. The house in Giza near the zoo, where he lived until 1914 when he was forced into exile in Spain, was recently converted into a museum. This is the first time in Egypt that such an initiative has been taken.

From the garden, where fawns, peacocks, parrots, and turtles frolicked (there was even a crocodile in the pond), you are connected to what was once the entire intellectual, artistic, and political world of Cairo. The poet acquired the property for its proximity to the palace of his friend, the Khedive Abbas. There are three dining rooms and five lounges, each of a different colour, which have been kept in their original state, along with the large, richly decorated hall, the furniture, photos, and family portraits. This is where modern Egypt was invented.

Ahmed Shawki Museum
6 Ahmed Shawki Street

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