Agromercado: the taste of Cuba

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Agromercado: the taste of Cuba

The best food products from the island are sold directly by producers in this very inviting farmer's market.

Farmland occupies a third of the island, and one Cuban in five works in agriculture.

To discover and taste Cuba's rich array of local production, visit one of Havana's many agromercados. Commonly known as “agro”, these are covered or open street markets offering wonderful displays of fresh produce at low prices. The one at the intersection of Calle 19 and A specialises in rare produce and fresh herbs. To taste the paradoxes of Cuban society, go to the neighbourhood of Nuevo Vedado, in the vicinity of Calle Tulipan.

Three markets coexist here: one is 100% state-run and sells its goods at very low prices. Its neighbour offers similar products but is run by the Communist Youth organisation. The third, private, has more produce and a cafeteria.