Aegina: the pistachio island

Aegina: the pistachio island

The ferry leaves at 10:00 a.m. from Piraeus. Forty minutes later, you arrive in Aegina, which was long a rival of Athens.

You are both near and far from Athens. Close in terms of distance, but far away in terms of a change of scenery. Here, the air is soft and the sea is as calm as a lake. Rent a scooter in the port and climb up to Agios Nektarios Monastery, and then push on to the Aphaea Temple. If you look towards the Peloponnese, you will notice that its landscapes, its colours are always changing. At different times, Aegina was a rival of Athens.

Now, unlike other islands, its proximity to the mainland causes it to be inhabited by artists, ceramists, sculptors, and photographers, and it is busy throughout the year. Head to a beach, either Pedrika or Sarpa. After swimming, enjoy sea urchins, grilled octopus, or fresh fish soup in one of the beach cabins. You will still have time to return to the port.

Above all, before leaving, do not forget to buy pistachios. After having been the island of orange trees, Aegina has become the island of pistachios, which are commonly called Aegines.