Adventures on a desert island

Adventures on a desert island

Explore Petite-Terre, a paradise consisting of two uninhabited islets and home to over 10,000 iguanas, agoutis, and migratory birds that breed there.

This piece of wild land, located 11 kilometres from the Saint-François Marina has been a nature reserve since 1998 and is an exceptional place, both for its wildlife and for its seabed.

The two islands, Terre-de-Bas and Terre-de-Haut, are separated by a narrow channel forming a lagoon that is bursting with colourful fish, rays, turtles, lemon sharks, and barracudas you can admire by equipping yourself with a mask and snorkel. You can only dock on Terre-de-Bas, the land of the Lesser Antillean Iguana, a protected species. You will come across dozens of both young and adult iguanas, which can grow up to 160 centimetres (mostly tail) and weigh three kilograms. Terre-de-Haut, however, is not accessible, as it is a protected nature reserve for green turtles, which lay their eggs there. Jet skis are forbidden around Petite-Terre and the ONF (National Forests Office) and the Coastal Conservancy limit the number of visitors to Terre-de Bas to 200 per day.

Finally, when leaving you may be lucky enough to see some dolphins who have chosen to make the outskirts of Petite-Terre their home. Truly a day of dreams!

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