Admire the figures of Buddha at Wat Pho

Admire the figures of Buddha at Wat Pho

In a setting of extreme serenity, the temple is home to the world's largest Buddha.

Nowhere else in Bangkok will you find more statuary or painted representations of the Buddha than in the lush halls of Wat Pho.

And nowhere else in the world will you see such an imposing statue as its famous reclining Buddha 46 metres long and 15 metres high, completely covered with gold, from his dreamer's smile to his feet, which are inlaid with mother of pearl. The monument draws crowds but this will not stop you from enjoying the unshakeable serenity of one of the most beautiful shrines in the country.

Feel free to stroll through the lovely garden while watching the ballet of monks amid the gorgeous colours of the frescoes and tiles. Spend some time at its massage school, one of the most famous in Bangkok, where you can enjoy a relaxing session or even take classes. A monumental site, Wat Pho is also a superb compendium of the enchanting Thai lifestyle.

Wat Pho
2 Sanamchai Roard
Phra Nakhon

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