Acrobatics at the Chaoyang Theater

Acrobatics at the Chaoyang Theater

The colourful, irresistible Chinese circus will transport you back to your childhood.

A popular form of entertainment since imperial times, the circus reflects both the plurimillenial traditions of the court and the Chinese passion for physical prowess. Talented gymnasts, contortionists, high-wire walkers, and acrobats perpetuate this art and defy the laws of gravity as well as those of reason.

Chaoyang Theatre is highly regarded throughout China and beyond its borders. Shows are punctuated by the ooohs and ahhhhs of enthusiastic spectators. The Chinese are great connoisseurs of this art, and they appreciate talent and the technical difficulty of an acrobatic performance. Transported to a high-flying China, you will find your child's soul.

Chaoyang Theater
36 Dongsanhuan North Road
Chaoyang District

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