Abdallah Ibn Salem Mosque, Oran's biggest synagogue

Abdallah Ibn Salem Mosque, Oran's biggest synagogue

After the Independence of Algeria in 1962, the synagogue was turned into a mosque.

Oranese Jews settled in the city as soon as 200 A.D. The community didn't lack places of worship but they were too small and too scattered. Rabbi Simon Kanouï took upon himself to build what was going to be the biggest and most beautiful synagogue in all of Northern Africa. It was said construction stones were brought from Jerusalem. Work began in 1879, and the building was opened to the public on May 12th, 1918. It was turned into a mosque after the Independence, declared on July 5th, 1962.
The facade is adorned with two 20-meter-high towers covered with domes. Inside, the three gates mounted with stained-glass panels open onto the nave, which is supported by columns of red marble. You will notice the seal of Solomon on each stained-glass panel, and the teba (platform) is in the oriental style. 900 solid oak chairs are stored on the ground floor. In this space, clearance is overwhelming and breaks for the first time with the Pact of Umar, which specified that synagogues should not be higher than Arab houses.

Abdallah Ibn Salem Mosque
Boulevard Abderahmane Mira
31000 Oran