A romantic stroll on Petřín Hill

A romantic stroll on Petřín Hill

Take the funicular up the hill and find the statue of romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha: steal a kiss in its shade or consider ‘the sweetness of a secret pain'…

If you are looking for peace, the very pretty park on Petřín Hill offers a romantic afternoon. Climb aboard the charming Victorian funicular railway, which hoists you to a superb view over the red roofs of Prague.

Follow the ancient fortifying walls to find the monument dedicated to Karel Hynek Mácha. It is customary for young couples to place flowers at its foot every 1st of May as a confirmation of their love.

‘It was the end of an evening in May / The first of May, the time to love. / The tender call of the doves / Rose with the smell of pines. / The moss spoke of secret embraces…' (Excerpt from May, 1836).

Petřín Hill
169 00 Prague 6