Oink, a 100% Scottish fast food concept

Oink, a 100% Scottish fast food concept

Oink is a fast-food mini-chain created by two Scottish farmers who wanted city folk to discover their natural, high-quality products.

In the historical centre, head to Victoria Street to discover this luxury sandwich shop. A whole roasted pig in the display window is sliced up on the spot for customers, who can specify which cut they want. The sandwiches are stuffed with pork and topped with onion puree. You can also top them with chutney sauce or haggis (the famous stuffed sheep stomach).
The size of these 'hog roast rolls' depends on how hungry you are: choose from small, medium, or large. There are never leftovers at Oink because everything-including a whole roasted pig-is freshly made every morning, and when it's gone... it's gone! There are two other addresses in Edinburgh, over Cannongate and Hanover Street. Because of limited seating, it's best to eat your sandwich elsewhere. Please note that Oink is not open for dinner.

34 Victoria Street
Edinburgh EH1 2JW

+44 777 196 8233


Menu: around 3.95 GBP