A morning at Port Louis' Central Market

A morning at Port Louis' Central Market

Colours, scents, warmth, delights, taste buds, pleasures... Words are lost at the Port Louis Market as sensations explode, desires flourish, and all the senses are awakened.

It is advisable to visit the covered market of Port Louis early in the morning, before rush hour. Do not hesitate to get lost in its maze, protected from the sun, justifying its nickname of 'bazaar'. Turn right, turn left, go back. Take the time to understand the colours, to feel deep within you the atmosphere of this place, dating back over two centuries, and get lost in it.

Touch, smell, taste vegetables, or try a 'love apple' (a variety of tomato), spices like vanilla, Chinese noodles, cassava, pineapples... there are so many edible symbols of the island's cultural mix. In the takeaway corner (ready-to-eat), try a delicious dholl puri, a kind of pea pancake, and for a bit of sweetness, an alouda, a refreshing Mauritian drink made with vanilla or strawberry.

Central Market
9, Corderie Street
Port Louis