A mini-safari in Casela Nature Park

A mini-safari in Casela Nature Park

Here, nature has reclaimed its rights. The 14-hectare Casela Nature Park offers a glimpse of the abundant natural diversity of Mauritius: lush fauna, flora, and animals in their natural habitat.  

To venture into Casela is to discover Mauritius at its most natural. It means accepting all that the island offers—an exceptional natural world—which it does with conviction and authenticity.

For the athletic, hiking will prove an amazing experience as you see a lion lounging in the distance, a zebra grazing, an ostrich parading, while, without warning, a cheetah launches into a sprint. On one side, a macaque seems to be smiling at you. Slowly but surely, a giant turtle emerges from the water and, sitting on a branch, there is a pink pigeon, a rare and exotic species of the island.

For children, nothing could be more magical, except perhaps the mini-farm, where rabbits, peacocks, guinea pigs, and calves may be petted and befriended.

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