A manta ray ball in Bora Bora

A manta ray ball in Bora Bora

Bora Bora, the star of Polynesia, has one of most beautiful lagoons in the world where diving promises manta rays, sharks and myriads of colourful fish.

It's the perfect shape: a central volcano, Mount Otemanu rising up from the ocean over 700 metres high, surrounded by a gorgeous lagoon, which is itself surrounded by a vast ring of coral white sand “motus” sea islets. But it is the hidden side of Bora Bora, the most famous of the Sous-le-Vent islands, that is the most fascinating.

Explore this underwater world by snorkelling with fins, mask and snorkel or deep-sea diving with scuba tank. It will amaze even the most jaded divers. The ballet of manta rays captivates with its elegant and mesmerising swirl.

The coral garden is resplendent with vibrant colours. Easily accessible, it is like a shallow-water aquarium. Blacktip sharks, stingrays and leopard-spotted rays flit through the water with their unique silhouettes. Do we really have to go back to normal, everyday life after this?