A Jules Verne-style journey

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A Jules Verne-style journey

A monumental and marvellous bestiary reopened in the former shipyards of Nantes.

This extraordinary place sprung from the minds of Pierre Orefice and Francois Delaroziere. Get there on an elephant. And not just any elephant! But one that is 12 metres high and can take up to 55 passengers. But it's not a real elephant. See its gears and pulleys working within to move the legs. It can also trumpet. When you are on its back, it's like you're on the fourth floor of a moving house with stunning views of the old shipyards. Imagine the surprise of passers-by as they come toward you! Then go to the Machine Gallery where real plants are mixed in with mechanical plants and tree-top animals.

Les Machines de l'Île
Parc des Chantiers
Boulevard Léon Bureau
44200 Nantes

From the  23rd of February 2016