A historic dinner at Labourdonnais Castle

A historic dinner at Labourdonnais Castle

Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the 19th century with dinner in the setting of this huge colonial mansion, dating back over 150 years.

Everything here exudes colonial history. The house is imposing on two floors, and somewhat evocative of Gone with the Wind. Imagine a hot summer afternoon, overlooking the tall columns of the large balcony surrounding the house, the view of the blue horizon, tasting a papaya from the adjoining orchard, fan in hand. A light breeze (almost) brings you back to reality…

In the restaurant kitchens, the chef takes stock of his harvest of the day directly from the domain gardens. On the menu, Mauritian rougail and braised lamb, slowly cooked for seven hours. The vegetables of the day are sautéed in a wok, along with udon noodles and the fresh catch of the morning.

A delicious culinary interlude in the picturesque setting of the Mauritius of yesteryear.

Domaine de Labourdonnais

+230 266 7172


Menu: around 1,800 MUR