A day in Macau: where cod meets lotus flower!

A day in Macau: where cod meets lotus flower!

Portugal and China merge to the nostalgic tune of saudade.

Try it: greet the Chinese customs official with bom dia, 'hello' in Portuguese. Surprised, he will say the same thing back to you with a smile. In 1999, Portugal returned Macau to China, but Portugal's soul never left this town.

You can still savour the small cinnamon flans the Portuguese passed down to all their former colonies and feast on fusion cooking like nowhere else in the world. How about cod with lotus flower? Stroll past the pastel houses in the historic centre, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The gentle melancholy of Portugal pervades, mingled with Asian incense. With any luck, you might walk into a church and find a mixed-race portrait of baby Jesus with Chinese features.

And, in the evening, betake yourself to the City of Dreams casino, and see The House of Dancing Water, a love story with 80 artists played out amid grandiose fountains in a basin the size of five Olympic swimming pools!

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