A culinary tour seasoned with a thousand spices

for food lovers
A culinary tour seasoned with a thousand spices

Cape Malay cuisine in a home in the Bo-Kaap neighbourhood.

For 35 years, Zainie Misbach has used the depths of her pots and pans to prepare Cape Malay dishes of all kinds. With an Indonesian heritage and Indian, African, and European touches, ‘This is the cuisine of Cape Town' she says.

This grand dame of the kitchens worked for many years in her parents' restaurant before offering gourmet visits throughout her neighbourhood, Bo-Kapp, the only non-white area not to have been destroyed during apartheid.

A quick stop in the spice shop before cooking and then Zainie welcomes the group to her home, where the cooking class can start. On the menu, chicken curry, roti, samosas and dhaltjies. If you are not up for cooking, you can also choose a guided tour throughout the neighbourhood, followed by a sit-down lunch at her house.

Zainie Misbach
46 Rose Street
Schotsche Kloof
8001 Cape Town

+27 (0)74 130 8124