7 Cactus, for the love of traditional food

7 Cactus, for the love of traditional food

On top of the Dimitrakopoulo street in the heart of Athens, here is the new canteen lovers of typically Greek food have been longing for.

Traditional Mediterranean restaurant, 7 Cactus is the work of famous food blogger Gabriel Nikolaidis. Verdant decoration and bright natural lighting thanks to large dining room windows give out a jolly air of roaming the countryside. An olive tree stands in the middle of the dining area and small cacti have been laid along the bar. Take a seat at the long-shared table and try local specialities. Here, everything is prepared using only local products from nearby farms.
For instance, try the pastries of the Mani region, served with feta cheese and a spoonful of fig jam, or scrambled eggs with tomato. For dessert, a large selection of pies is available: served with a vanilla ice cream scoop, opt for the orange pie. Unless you would rather go for the traditional halva, a sugar and sesame-based oriental pastry. At 7 Cactus, a refreshing break seems in order!

7 Cactus
Dimitrakopoulou 7
117 42 Athens

+30 213 045 2865


Menu: from 12 EUR