21-21 Design Sight: the temple of design

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21-21 Design Sight: the temple of design

Located in the heights of the Roppongi Hills, the 21-21 Design Sight museum features not just examples of design, as its name indicates, but its history, too.

Led by three mega stars of the worlds of fashion and design, Issey Miyake, the graphic artist Taku Satoh, and the industrial designer, Naoto Fukasawa, 21-21 Design Sight offers not only exhibits but also talks and workshops, all celebrating the field of design.

A recent show presented the work of the famous Guggenheim Bilbao architect, Frank Gehry, allowing you to discover the genius of the artist through models, plans, and drawings. Tadao Ando conceived of the structure of the building itself; a flat roof with steel fabric folded like origami to represent the creases of Issey Miyake's creations. When you penetrate into the heart of the building, you cannot imagine the immense finished basement.

Tadao Ando uses concrete, always his best ally and his preferred material, in a range of presentations with high, long walls and a tunnel of light. 21-21 Design Sight is worth a visit if for nothing other than the architecture itself.

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