Our health and comfort tips

Prior to departure

  • Adjust your sleep schedule. Begin to change your sleeping habits several days before departure: 
    - For eastbound travel: go to sleep earlier the days preceding your flight.
    - For westbound travel: try not to go to sleep too early.
  • Avoid taking sleeping pills.

On board 

  • Upon takeoff, adjust your watch to the local time at your destination.To help you manage the effects of jet lag, Air France adapts its meal service schedule to your destination country.
    We recommend that you avoid big meals:
    - If traveling eastbound, opt for carbohydrates (pasta, rice), which will help you sleep.
    - If traveling westbound, opt for proteins.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout your flight. Avoid alcohol, soda, tea, and coffee, which dehydrate you and make it hard to sleep.

Upon arrival 

  • To adjust to the new time zone, stay outdoors and avoid sleeping during the day.
  • Exercise: walk, swim, etc. Simple activities will help relieve the stress and fatigue caused by your trip, and will help you sleep well.
  • Begin taking your meals according to the local time right away.