Limiting our impact on the environment is a concern for us all. Air France is taking action to help you travel better and more sustainably thanks to reduced and offset CO2 emissions, eco-friendly products and services and better waste management.

Reduced and offset CO2 emissions

We're taking action to reduce our CO2 emissions by 50% per passenger/km by 2030 (compared to 2005), for a fuel consumption per passenger of less than 3 liters per 100 km.

  • By modernizing our fleet with latest generation aircraft that consume up to 25% less fuel
  • By reducing the weight on board our aircraft (lighter materials and accessories, digital press)
  • By promoting eco-piloting during all phases of flight, as well as during taxiing, and by optimizing flight plans
In collaboration with our partner EcoAct, we now offset 100% of the CO2emissions from our flights in metropolitan France by participating in reforestation, biodiversity conservation and energy transition projects certified by recognized organizations. 

More than 450 flights and 57,000 passengers are affected every day.
When you purchase a flight ticket, you can choose to make a donation for the amount of your choice to contribute to a reforestation and human development project in France and around the world. 

120,000 trees have already been planted on 4 continents.

Learn more about the Trip and Tree program.

An eco-friendly on board experience

We are gradually replacing 210 million single-use plastic items (cups, plates, cutlery, etc.) with bio-based alternatives.

1,300 less tonnes of single-use plastic shipped each year.
Plastic bottles, Tetra Pak cardboard packaging, aluminium cans, glass, newspapers and magazines are sorted by our cabin crew for recycling in France or Europe.

7 million plastic bottles, 3 million cardboard cartons and 6 million cans are loaded onto our aircraft each year and are more and more efficiently recycled.
To limit food waste, we're adapting our services to the evolution of your consumption habits and your onboard catering needs.

Meals and snacks vary according to flight schedules (day or night) and new online services allow you to inform us of your meal preferences before your trip.

Developing innovative solutions

To offer eco-responsible travel to its passengers and future generations, Air France is involved in research and innovation to promote sustainable aviation, notably in partnership with the Solar Impulse Foundation. This also involves participating in the emergence of a biofuel sector and the gradual introduction of biofuel in our aircraft.
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