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Departing from
Round-trip (RT) or one-way (OW) fares*
Africa / Indian Ocean
Africa/Indian Ocean
Dakar 488 EUR RTN
Nairobi 576 EUR RTN
Bamako 605 EUR RTN
Cotonou 694 EUR RTN
North and South America
Montreal 433 EUR RTN
New York 507 EUR RTN
Panama City 547 EUR RTN
Lima 798 EUR RTN
Asia / Middle East
Asia / Middle East
Dubai 449 EUR RTN
Shanghai 489 EUR RTN
Mumbai 539 EUR RTN
Tokyo 629 EUR RTN
Caribbean Islands
Pointe-a-Pitre 450 EUR RTN
Fort de France 451 EUR RTN
Punta Cana 544 EUR RTN
Saint Maarten 550 EUR RTN
Hamburg 39 EUR OW
Glasgow 50 EUR OW
Florence 50 EUR OW
Warsaw 50 EUR OW
Lourdes/Tarbes 50 EUR OW
Lyon 50 EUR OW
Toulon/Hyères 50 EUR OW
Brest 50 EUR OW
* Fares including tax from, limited to availability and subject to change at any time