Costa Rica, a thousand treasures to discover

Air France offers you direct flights to discover San Jose, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica and Air France

Costa Rica
San Jose from €561 RT!

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Immerse yourself in Costa Rica

A destination with endless treasures

Also known as the "Switzerland of Central America", Costa Rica has a natural beauty that will leave nobody indifferent. First nation without a standing army, the nation focuses on human development and environment and especially on ecotourism.
The richness of its coast (as the name Costa Rica implies), bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Caribbean Sea to the East, offers real paradise beaches and world‑renowned surf spots.
Costa Rica

Biodiversity, nature, beaches: a destination for everyone

If lazing on a beach lined with coconut trees is not enough, you can also climb, dive, hike, observe quietly sea turtles nesting in Tortuguero National Park, or enjoy an excellent cuisine in Escazú for a few colones*...
In short, enjoy the many unspoilt wonders that offers the breathtaking biodiversity of Costa Rica: mountains, rivers, tropical forests, lush vegetation, colorful butterflies, the country knows how to fascinate contemplative as well as athletes or families in search of exoticism and landscapes.

* "Colón" (named after Christopher Columbus, known as Cristóbal Colón in Spanish) is the currency of Costa Rica.

San Jose, Costa Rica
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