Review or modify
your reservations

Would you like to change your reservation, order a special meal or check in online? Looking for practical information to make your trip a success? Discover everything you can do on the "Review / modify your reservations" area.

View your active reservations

Find all your trip details: flight and ticket numbers, departure and arrival times, terminal number, Check-In Deadline, maximum weight and number of baggage items allowed, conditions for modification of your ticket… You can also learn more about the services available on board, such as entertainment, meal services, and in-flight shopping!
Are you a Flying Blue member? Use your Flying Blue user name to see your trip details and all of your active reservations.

A la Carte services

For more comfort during your trip, you can purchase the following options:

- Seat Plus for more leg room,
- additional baggage allowance*
- an A la Carte meal to enjoy a fine cuisine,
- personalized services at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

Finalize and pay for your reservation

If you selected the “Time to Think” option, connect to the “Review / modify your reservations” area to confirm and pay for your reservation.

Change your personal information

For all ticket types, you can change or add:

  • your Flying Blue card, your BlueBiz account number,
  • your contact information (e-mail address, telephone numbers),
  • regulatory information required by the authorities in your destination country (passport number, visa number, address at your destination, etc.),
  • your meal choice and seat preference.

Modify your flight details

You can change the date, time, or itinerary of your flight, as well as your travel class, if your fare rules allow for changes with or without a fee.
A booking fee may apply if the change is not made on this site. Visit the booking fees section.
Please note: if the price of your new flight is higher, you must pay a supplement. If the price is lower, you will be partially reimbursed.

Obtain a refund online

Would you like to submit an online refund request for your ticket? This service is available if:
  • you have a ticket that permits refunds with or without a fee,
  • cancel your boarding pass
  • you purchased your ticket at least 2 days or up to 12 months prior to today’s date,
  • you do not get your boarding pass yet.
    (if you are already checked-in, you can cancel your boarding pass
). If you do not meet these conditions, the option will not be given. Please contact our web support at 09 69 39 02 15 (calls are charged at a local rate from a French landline). Lines are open every day between 6:30 AM and 10:00 PM.

Did you purchase travel insurance or book a hotel or rental car? We recommend that you contact your insurance company, hotel, or travel agency before submitting your online refund request of your ticket.

Please note:
- online refunds are not available for Flying Blue award tickets,
- if several people are included in the same reservation file, the refund request applies to all tickets on file, as long as each ticket permits refunds,
- the total refund amount is calculated based on the fare conditions for your ticket*. We recommend that you read the fare conditions before submitting your refund request.

A successful trip: practical information and additional services

Getting to the airport, reserving a parking space, baggage tips, airport and connection guides… Obtain all the practical information you need for your trip.
To be sure of an enjoyable stay, take advantage of our partner offers by reserving your hotel or car online!
From this fall, you will be able to use the “Manage your reservations” area to submit your refund request online!