If you have purchased your tickets or your paid options at travel agency, please contact them directly to request your refund.

Your ticket refund request

In the "View/modify your reservation" area you can submit your refund request if:
  • you purchased your ticket at least 2 days or up to 12 months prior to today’s date,
  • you do not get your boarding pass yet.
    (if you are already checked-in, you can
cancel your boarding pass ).

Please note:
- if several people are included in the same booking, the refund request will apply to all.
- the refund is calculated based on your ticket’s fare conditions (excluding non-refundable service charges).
 If you do not meet the above conditions, the refund request will not be processed. You can then request a refund by filling the online form.
For tickets purchased through a payment method other than credit card, please include your bank information with your request.

Your paid options refund request

  • Seat options refund
If your seat options haven't been completed, you can request a refund by filing the below form.

  • Paid options refund (others than seat options)
If your paid options haven't been completed, you can request a refund by filing the below form.

Do you have cancelation insurance?

If you have purchased Mondial Assistance insurance from Air France, you must cancel your reservation with Air France when purchasing your ticket and submit your claim to Mondial Assistance

Have you reserved a hotel or car?

We recommend you contact your service provider before making your refund request online. Please contact the service providers listed on your confirmation e-mail.

Tickets purchased at a travel agency

Contact your travel agent, who will process your refund request.
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