Air France and Nice

Direct flights

Air France offers 11 destinations on direct flights departing from Nice: 
  • to France: Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris and Strasbourg,
  • to Europe and Mediterranean Basin: Rome, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, Southampton, Athens and Venice.

You also can enjoy direct flights to New York operated by our partner Delta Airlines. And flights to France and Europe with Air Corsica and HOP!.
Please note: flights operated by HOP! are proposed on our website at attractive prices. However, specific fares (senior, youth, sales...) are not available.
If you wish to purchase those fares, please visit HOP! website.

Discover our summer program

Nice - Tel Aviv (flight AF1794 from Nice and flight AF1795 from Tel Aviv):
  • from 22 July to 9 September, departure on Saturdays from Nice at 11.15 am, arrival in Tel Aviv at 4.00 pm and return from Tel Aviv at 5.15 pm, arrival in Nice at 8.35 pm,
  • from 24 July to 28 August, departure on Mondays from Nice at 7.20 am, arrival in Tel Aviv at 12.10 am and return from Tel Aviv at 1.20 pm, arrival in Nice at 4.40 pm,
  • from 26 July to 30 August, departure on Wednesdays from Nice at 7.15 am, arrival in Tel Aviv at 12.05 am and return from Tel Aviv at 1.15 pm, arrival in Nice at 4.35 pm,
  • from 28 July to 1st September, departure on Fridays from Nice at 7.10, arrival in Tel Aviv at 12.00 pm and return from Tel Aviv at 1.10 pm, arrival in Nice at 4.30 pm.

Nice - Athens (flight AF1708 from Nice and flight AF1709 from Athens):

  • from 25 July to 29 August, departure on Tuesdays from Nice at 8.00 am, arrival in Athens at 12.05 pm and return from Athens at 12.55 pm, arrival in Nice at 2.40 pm,
  • from 27 July to 31 August, departure on Thursdays from Nice at 8.15 am, arrival in Athens at 11.40 am and return from Athens at 12.30 pm, arrival in Nice at 14.15 pm.

Key events

Air France partner of the 68th edition of the Menton Music Festival

Menton Music Festival
From 29 July to 13 August 2017:
« The music settled down there. She feels nice there : everything is perfect , joyfull, in perfect harmony » liked to say Mr. André Böröcz.
Since its creation in 1950, the Music Festival of Menton stood out as a major event of the french musical calendar. A relevant and eclectic programming, with the world-famous musicians, allowed the festival to remain faithful to the spirit inspired by its founder, André Böröcz. The square of Basilique Saint-Michel Archange is one of these magical open places with the sea on the horizon that some will define as the most beautiful open-air concert hall. More information

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