Air France and Corsica

Note: Prefectoral preventive measures against bacteria Xylella Fastidiosa in Corsica 

Since 2015, May 11, the Prefect of Corsica decided to implement measures to prevent the introduction of bacteria Xylella Fastidiosa:

- prohibition of introduction of plants in Corsica
- possible derogation for professionals
- limited introduction concerns Ajaccio & Bastia Find all details about these new measures

Direct flights

Air France and its partners Air Corsica and HOP! propose many destinations on direct flight from Corsica and its 4 airports: Bastia, Calvi, Ajaccio and Figari. 
This winter, fly to and from Corsica:
  • Ajaccio from and to Paris-orly, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse and Lyon
  • Bastia from and to Paris-orly, Marseille, Nice and Lyon
  • Calvi and Figari from and to Paris-orly, Marseille and Nice
Please note: flights operated by HOP are proposed on our website at attractive prices. However, specific fares (unaccompanied minors, sales...) are not available. I you wish to purchase those fares, please visit HOP website.

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