Bluebiz, the program for small- and medium-sized businesses

Join BlueBiz!

With BlueBiz your business accumulated Blue Credits on every trip of its employees
1 Blue Credit = 1 €

To convert to airline ticket in Subscription Card or options!Join now and earn
50 Blue Credits Welcome * or 50 € *.

* 25 Blue Credits to open your account and 25 Blue Credits upon registration of your first flight within 6 months after accession.

Joining BlueBiz is simple and easy. When you register, you will designate an account administrator that is able to act in the of and on behalf of your business.
Once your application is accepted, we will open a BlueBiz account for your company.
Your account administrator will be able to access this account at any time via the online customer space.

Each time one of your employees travels your company earns Blue Credits convertible into Award tickets.

Your online customer space

From your online customer space, you can:
- check your Blue Credits total,
- redeem Blue Credits for tickets,
- take advantage of other online services (request unclaimed Blue Credits on completed flights, update your company account information, etc.).