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Zurich West: the city's new trendy area


The Zurich West district is the true symbol of Zurich's cultural revival.

A former industrial quarter, Zurich West has become the city's hippest neighbourhood, where the young and trendy come to shop, eat, and drink in the trendy establishments that have taken over the old factories and warehouses. This area testifies eloquently to the dynamism and creativity of Zurich. Two spots are particularly noteworthy.

Start at the Puls 5 mall, whose modern lines hide the infrastructure of an old foundry, and continue to Freitag, a fashion institution in Zurich and around the world. Located in a tower of old containers, Freitag sells wallets, bags, and other accessories made from materials like old truck tarpaulins and seat belts.

It is emblematic of this district where, consistently, the resources of the past are reinvented creatively and intelligently.

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