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Yeni Lokanta: superb nouvelle cuisine, Turkish style


Chef Civan Er's take on Turkish food is astoundingly inventive and delicious.

Civan Er used to work at Changa, the award-winning fusion restaurant.

In 2013, he launched Yeni Lokanta, which means ‘New Canteen'. His concept: Turkish cuisine reinterpreted with modern flourishes and new flavours.

The menu has something for everyone meat, fish, pasta, and salads. His meatballs and vegetables smoked over a wood fire are scrumptious, as are the shrimp stuffed courgette flowers and the dried eggplant ravioli with yogurt sauce. The olive oil, alone, is worth the visit. A pure delight.

Yeni Lokanta
Kumbaraci Yokuşu n° 66

+90 212 292 25 50

Menu: around 175 TRY

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