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Trattoria Madonnina l'Osteria: the oldest trattoria in the city


People come here to immerse themselves in an authentic Milan and to mingle warmly with a clientele of regulars and artists.

This trattoria claims to be the oldest in Milan, and proves it with its old theatre posters, yellowed photos, a grandmother-stylebuffet,and chequered tablecloths.

People come at noon to enjoy simple and hearty dishes like ossobucoor a Milanese cutlet in a no-frills atmosphere. Diners range from locals tobusiness people, students, and artists. A place that exudes authentic Milanese ambience.

Trattoria Madonnina l'Osteria
Via Gentilino 6
20136 Milan

+ 39 (02) 8940 9089

Menu: around 25 EUR.

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