Tickets Tapas Bar: a food lover's paradise

Tickets Tapas Bar: a food lover's paradise

For a true moment of happiness, try the exceptional cuisine of the talented and legendary Adrià brothers.

Born as the result of a joint project between the brothers Albert and Ferran Adrià, and inaugurated in 2011, Tickets is probably one of the most inaccessible restaurants in Barcelona because of its outstanding reputation.

Book several weeks in advance if you want the privilege of tasting these delicious dishes. The brothers revisit tapas with the hands of true masters. Immerse yourself in this surprising and mystical setting, which is organised meticulously around six bars, each with its own identity.

An enchanting space, both surprising and warm, it is a must stop for Epicureans eager for new culinary sensations. These creative and innovative geniuses will take you on a culinary odyssey that is fresh and delicious, based on sea and land-based tapas dishes, and exceptional Iberian hams.

Tickets Tapas Bar
Av. del Parallel, 164
08015 Barcelona

Menu: around 40 EUR