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The Yusupov Palace: the sumptuous residence of a princely family


It is here, in this beautiful setting, that Rasputin, the guru who had a destructive influence over the imperial family, was murdered.

Prince Felix Yusupov remains famous for having, in 1916, assassinated Rasputin, the mystic healer whose influence on the royal family, especially the Empress Alexandra, wife of Nicolas II, was as powerful as it was harmful.

Many regarded him as a debauched charlatan. The Yusupov family, richer than the tsar, it was said, had acquired in 1830 this yellow building with columns, built in 1760, to house their magnificent collection of art. Despite the years, the building has been beautifully preserved. Visit the ballroom, the Moorish lounge, the 100-seat rococo-style theatre, and the basement, which witnessed the last days of Rasputin. All give testimony to the splendour of this family. The paintings and art objects collected by the family are now mostly in the Hermitage. As for Prince Felix Yusupov, he was arrested and exiled to Paris, where he lived until his death in 1967.

The Yusupov Palace
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