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The vast Malagasy markets

market tours

Places to meet and trade, markets serve as the setting of significant economic activity in the country and are a major source of local cultural expression.

Markets are definitely worth a visit in Madagascar, and those of Ambositra, Ambalavao, and Tana are among the most impressive. The market of Ambositra, which takes place on Saturdays, is particularly famous for its colours. Here you will find baskets, typical pottery, and other unusual artisanal objects. The Ambalavao market, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, is best known for the zebus that, to the amazement of visitors, walk among the aisles. Finally, in the capital, several markets are spread along the avenues. You will find local products, fruits and vegetables, local crafts, embroiderers, booksellers, and even carpenters. Take the time during your excursions to linger in all the small markets you come across. Each reveals the traditions and characteristics of their various territories.

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