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The treasures of the National Museum of the Crown Jewels


The haute couture collection of the Safavid dynasty dazzles the eyes.

The incredible collection of the Safavid dynasty is housed in the vault of the central bank, behind an iron gate closely watched by guards armed to the teeth. And for a good reason. Inside real war treasures are concealed—not only spoils won during the reign of the Safavids in Europe, India, and the Ottoman Empire but also purchases and gifts from other world leaders. Here, you will find a collection of stones and jewellery that would be the envy of the world's greatest jewellers. You will be dumbfounded by the Peacock Throne inlaid with 26,733 gems, the Pahlavi crown (3,380 diamonds and a number of sapphires, emeralds, and pearls), a globe made with more than 50,000 precious stones, and the 182-carat Darya-e Noor (‘Sea of ​​Light') diamond, won from the Mughal prince of Delhi by Nadir Shah in the 13th century. It is one of the largest and most significant diamonds in the world, along with the Koh-e Noor (‘Mountain of Light') diamond spirited away by the British after decolonisation and now housed in the Tower of London. National Museum of the Crown Jewels
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