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The Tin Hau Temple in Repulse Bay: go into the sea and postpone death


The goddess Tin Hau on the shore protects fishermen, offering her ‘bridge of Longevity'.

Hong Kong has been building polders for a long time; hence, the temples once located on its shores have been moved. This applies to Tin Hau, goddess of the sky and the sea, and protector of fishermen. The territory has over 300 temples dedicated to the goddess.

Among the most visited is the temple at Repulse Bay, which is by the sea. Go up the steps with the two huge statues. The one of Tin Hau shows the goddess in a yellow tunic decorated with waves, her hands wisely folded on her chest. The statue in front of it is of Kwun Yam, a Taoist deity, standing elegantly in his grey tunic.

God monkeys, goldfish, and multicoloured dragons inhabit the area around the temple. Many tourists from the Republic of China come to pray at the graceful little red altars in front of Tin Hau. And no one hesitates to get wet feet when crossing the bridge of Longevity: each time you cross the bridge you prolong your life by three days!

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