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The Silk Market: a must


No-holds-barred shopping in the temple of counterfeits.

The merchants who were once concentrated on ‘Silk Street' are now grouped together in a huge building.

Traditionally, the basement is dedicated to leather goods and shoes. On the ground and upper floors is an eclectic assortment of clothing, from vulgar counterfeits to creations by the best local designers. Check out the talented Chinese tailors, whose reputations are well established. Finally, the top floor offers a variety of dime-store merchandise: jewellery, freshwater pearls, and traditional items like mahjong sets and customised seals that are made on the spot. Bargaining is de rigeur.

Items in small shops have no ticket price, and, depending on the time or mood, the seller will give you a price that is different from one stall to the next. Make sure the price is right!

Silk Market
8 Xiushui E St

+86 (0)10 51699022

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