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The Sambirano Valley


The western region of Madagascar benefits from a hot and humid microclimate linked to the Tsaratanàna massif, one of the highest peaks of the country.

Between sea and mountains, the fertile Sambirano Valley has an abundant production of various crops. Here you will find coffee plantations, spice farms growing pepper, habanero peppers, and cloves, and perfume plants such as ylang ylang and patchouli. But the major crop is that of cocoa, one of the most famous types in the world for its flavour even if it represents only a small share of global production.

Thanks to the diversity of production from traditional family farms in the region, a fair-trade project has been created in order to develop ecotourism projects. During your visit, you will discover agricultural plantations and installations used for cocoa and meet welcoming and warm locals for a total immersion and active participation in fair and sustainable tourism. Mountain biking, canoe tours, hikes, and other activities are also great options in these stunning landscapes.

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