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The Rue des Consuls: the shopping street


At the heart of the medina, this charming market alley has a name that sounds like the title of a novel.

The ‘Rue des Consuls' owes its name to the ambassadors and consuls who have long lived on this street in the middle of the medina. Do you know why they set up here? When Rabat was a city of pirates, a treaty signed with the sultan allowed them to redeem Christian captives, the sale of which took place two steps away, on the Place des Oudayas.

Since then, the street has become an uninterrupted row of stalls. Unlike other souks, vendors are not insistent in Rabat. The atmosphere is friendly. Though the DVD traders are unavoidable, all that is sold here is manufactured in the workshops of the medina, including the carpets, because Rabat is the capital of the carpet. Dyed red for the most part, they are hand made, lock stitched by the Rabatians. Or let yourself be tempted by metal jewellery or a goat-leather wallet—or order a nice pair of sandals in raffia tailored especially for you.

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