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The Monoi route, a wellness destination


Divided into 23 areas throughout Tahiti, with an additional four on Moorea, this itinerary guides you to this must-have Polynesian beauty product.

The ancestors knew how to take care of their body: the Ma'ohi used coconut oil and tiaré flower, the latter the symbol of Tahiti, and macerated it to concoct a sacred balm that is still used today. The balm became commercialised in 1942. Today there are two different preparation methods: artisanal, which families and villages have maintained, and industrial. The “Monoi de Tahiti Appellation of Origin” seal guarantees the authenticity of the ingredients and their content.

To discover the trade secrets and moisturising and reparative properties of Monoi, which is just as effective on skin as on hair, take a Monoi tour and visit producers, artisans, massage centres, spas, botanical gardens, perfumeries, plantations… The beauty ritual unfolds before you, revealing its abundant raw materials (tiare and coconut) and relaxation rituals.

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