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The Monastery of Pedralbes: a historic and artistic heritage site


The Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes is part of one of the most beautiful wonders of the city.

The monastery was built in the early 14th century by order of James II of Aragon and his wife Elisenda of Montcada. It took about a year to construct, which explains the architectural uniformity of its Catalan Gothic style.

Until 1983, the place was still inhabited by nuns, but, after they we're relocated, it was turned into part of the History Museum of Barcelona. Walking in the heart of the building takes you back in time several centuries. Pass through the two huge doors of the medieval wall and wander between the original buildings.

The part of the edifice that has been transformed into a museum invites you to discover the church and cloister, one of the most important places of the monastery. Temporary exhibits enrich the visit, and there are guided tours.

Le monastère de Pedralbes
Baixada del Monestir, 9
08034 Barcelona

+34 932 563 434

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