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The Lascaris Palace: the quintessential palace of the Niçois aristocracy


By attempting to include all phases of Baroque architecture, the Lascaris Palace is the most exemplary monument of its kind in Nice.

A Renaissance staircase leads you down its marbled steps as you enter the freshness of the imposing vestibule. There is a suggestion of being in a hive, without the constant hum, as yellow predominates in high and sweet tones. There seems to be so much to see, that the beauty of the palace may seem a little daunting at first. Take, for example, these busts housed in oval niches that stare at you with all their nobility. In the purest Baroque tradition, the ceilings open onto dizzying detail, telling wonderful stories.

As for the ‘trompe l'œil', they participate in the survival of the place, provided they are looked upon. Roaming about the amber corridors of the Lascaris Palace, is a little like reliving the daily life of one of the first families of Niçois aristocracy, the Vintimille-Lascaris. But the last families to reside here are in fact musical. The palace now hosts one of the most prestigious collections of ancient musical instruments in Europe (more than 500 in all).

Palais Lascaris
15, rue Droite
06300 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 62 72 40

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