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The Guinness Storehouse, or the temple of beer to the strains of a golden harp


It took Dubliners little more than a century to grant the Guinness Storehouse the status of a national monument.

The warehouse is located in the heart of the legendary St. James Brewery, founded by Arthur Guinness, father of the brand, in 1759. The area immediately conveys an ambience and context: modern buildings and wide avenues give way to huge constructions of brick typical of the Industrial era. Upon entering the warehouse, experts of the pint will smile, for before them will be a glass atrium in the shape of a pint of Guinness.

Welcome to the national temple of ‘black', as the Irish affectionately call it! Each of its seven floors focuses on a very specific aspect of Guinness beer, from production to distribution, in an updated industrial setting that evokes a James Joyce short story. Temporary shows, like ‘improvised' Irish dance, will make you smile or dance! Your ascension, which lasts about two hours, ends with a sizeable reward: a panoramic view of Dublin and the green velvet valleys of the Wicklow Mountains.

Guinness Storehouse
The Liberties District
St James's Gate
Dublin 8

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