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The Great Mosque of Kairouan: a prestigious mosque with a view


Considered one of the most beautiful mosques in the country, this is a splendid example of Islamic architecture, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, in the heart of a stunning city.

Located 150 kilometres due south from Tunis, the Mosque of Kairouan is one of the must-see sites of any trip to northern Tunisia. Restored starting in 1962, the mosque is considered one of the most prestigious religious monuments in the country.

Built by Uqba ibn Nafi, an Arab general, around 680 AD (it is also called the Mosque of Uqba), this is the first mosque in the Islamic West. The Mosque has Aghlabid architecture and appears as a fortress on a hill.

You can admire its immense courtyard in white marble, framed with a gallery of columns in blue granite that come from archaeological sites, and a sundial that shows the faithful the time for prayer. A jewel not to be missed, the Great Mosque is unique due to its age, authenticity, singular history, and the quality of its architecture.

Great Mosque
3100 Kairouan

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