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The Faena Arts Centre, a contemporary Argentine art initiative


The Faena Arts Centre has become a staple of contemporary art in Buenos Aires.

The gallery / museum is in a former mill, set amidst the skyscrapers of trendy Puerto Madero. When magnate Alan Faena bought the property in 2002, he decided to make this building, which backs on to his luxury hotel, the Faena, an arts centre.

Rehabilitated to adapt to the demands of contemporary art, the gallery has retained its industrial port structure, with dizzying high ceilings and huge windows that offer exceptional natural lighting. More than a 100 years ago, the main hall of the museum, called ‘Molinos', was the engine room where tonnes of wheat were milled.

This space, which is more than 600 metres square, can now accommodate monumental works such as those of the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. Open since 2011, the institution is the bold showcase of the local art scene.

Faena Arts Centre
Aime Paine 1169
Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 4010 9233

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