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The Corniche and Pigeon Rocks: a walk along the Mediterranean


Drink coffee, get your shoes shined, go for a stroll—the Corniche is the active core of Beirut culture.

The Beirut Corniche is one of the world's most attractive and popular seaside promenades. With friends or on your own, the stroll between Saint George Bay in the north to Avenue General de Gaulle in the south, past joggers, beach bars, private beaches, and shoeshine boys, is always a delight.

On one side is the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other modern buildings and hotels. Stop to admire the Pigeon Rocks, the symbol of the city, two limestone cliffs 46-metres high, which you can climb to take in spectacular views of the city and the sea.

During your walk, be sure to stop at Raouda a café the locals call ‘Shatila' to read the L'Orient-Le Jour, one of the main Lebanese dailies.

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