The best summer ice creams: 5 nutty addresses

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The best summer ice creams: 5 nutty addresses

Summer is coming back, and warmth calls for iced desserts. Gelati, sorbets and ice creams are all within reach. Follow the guide for a refreshing gourmet break.

We should all be ever grateful to Marco Polo for the discovery. The explorer made this find during a trip to China, before rushing it back to Italy (honestly, we understand him).
This treat was immediately successful and rapidly spread across Europe, even across the Atlantic up to America. To pay our tribute, we offer you a selection of the best ice cream makers in the world.


Heladeria Cadore, Italy in Buenos Aires

The sign simply says “Ice cream maker since 1957”: here is a clue as to the quality of the product. The word “Cadore” may sound familiar, as it is a region of Northern Italy, a few hundred miles from Venice. Located on the famous Corrientes avenue in Buenos Aires, this ice cream maker reigns supreme on the subject. Try the chocolate and Cointreau ice cream, or the lemon one, but under no pretext miss the house special: the dulce de leche, a delight!

Heladeria Cadore
Av. Corrientes 1695
Buenos Aires


Ice Cream City, Tokyo's nutty theme park

In Japan's magic realm, there is a marvellous world called Namia Town, created by video game publisher Namco. There, you'll find the Gyoza Stadium, the Tokyo Dessert Republic and a small paradise for all ice cream lovers: Ice Cream City – sounds promising, doesn't it? Don't worry, if “chicken wings”, “garlic”, “shrimp” or “wasabi” flavours don't tickle your fancy, more “traditional” ones are also available. For instance, indulge in a strawberry mille-feuilles ice cream or an orange-blackcurrant sorbet.

Ice Cream City
Namja Town
Sunshine City
Higashiikebukuro, Toshima


Vaffelbageriet, waffles and ice creams in Copenhagen

Do you like waffles? Do you like ice cream? Then you'll love the Vaffelbageriet, located in the Tivoli Gardens theme park in Copenhagen. Here, delicious waffles and ice creams are even surpassed by the gigantic house special: the Amerikaner, a cone filled with four scoops, whipped cream and meringue, topped with syrup and chocolate sauce. You'll remember it your whole life!

Vesterbrogade 3
1620 Copenhagen V


Perchè No!… temple of surprising flavours

To this day, Italy remains the cradle of ice creams. After all, where do you think “gelati” come from? Head over to Florence to find out about the city's famed ice cream maker, aptly named Perchè No!...
Every morning since 1939, the shop has been making homemade ice cream, and the many exotic flavours offered will drive you out of your mind: honey and sesame seeds, green tea, and coffee with chocolate chips... Some flavours are even made with ricotta cheese and caramelised fruit. After all, why not?
This gelateria is located no more than three minutes away from the Duomo by foot.

Perchè No!…
Via dei Tavolini, 19R
50122 Florence


Glazed, rock'n'roll attitude

Parisian chic and refinement call for a certain number of great ice cream makers in the French capital. Some of them break the mould of classic ice creams, Glazed being a prime example.
Here, ice creams are homemade. Everything fresh, from a simple vanilla bean to local varieties of strawberries and blackberries. Unconventional pairing is a speciality, and a new menu is designed with every coming season.
This summer, you'll try the Boréalis, a milk chocolate and granola sorbet, or the Dirty Berry, a raspberry, lime and sumac one. As for ice creams, go for the Total Kheops, made of cottage cheese and Corsica's aromatic herbs.

54, rue des Martyrs
75009 Paris