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Take the “L” for a memorable aerial crossing of the city


Voted by readers of the Chicago Tribune in 2005 as one of the ‘seven wonders' of the city, the Chicago rapid transit system is inseparable from the landscape of Chi-Town.

Do not ask a Chicagoan where the nearest subway station is, but rather ask them where the ‘L' is. Short for ‘elevated', even though most of it is underground, lovers of the city only have eyes for the raised ‘loop' of the city's rapid transit system, which give its name to the district. Often threatened, it has always been saved at the last minute by popular demand, as Chicagoans have strong attachment to this symbol, which, though ageing, is inseparable from the city's identity.

In the tradition of the large public exhibitions that helped make the reputation of Chicago, 50 works of art – sculptures, paintings and installations – are on view in more than 40 stations.

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